Month: March 2017

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Thanks to the New Jersey’s Bail Reform and Speed Trial Act, the situation for defendants can move along quicker regarding bail. It’s especially beneficial to the poor, seeing as bail for minor crimes has been eliminated. But how long can you be held in a New Jersey jail without bail?


With the new Act in place, which is focused on solving a big overcrowding problem, an accused must have a bail hearing within 48 hours. This also means that discussions need to take place over weekends if the rule is going to be applied effectively.

In some cases authorities would wait until Friday to arrest a suspect, knowing they won’t be able to see a judge before Monday morning. But this tactic won’t be of any use for authorities any longer thanks to the new act.

As for the changes regarding getting bail, a new risk assessment tool is being used. This tool consists of analyzing the defendant and the case, which must determine if a pre-trial release should come with a price. Also, if a judge allows the defendant to go, the prosecutor has to argue and provide evidence if they want the judge to reconsider.

The reason why this new act was put in place was mentioned earlier, namely overcrowding. At the moment there are many poor people in jail, waiting months or even years for a court date, only because they couldn’t find a bail bondsman. In turn, these people lose their jobs and relationships, despite their possible innocence.

How well the new system is going to function remains to be seen, because even though it’s hugely welcomed, there are many challenges involved. For example, proceedings have been slowed down slightly under the new rules, but this is bound to change.

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For many that find themselves with cases in courts, the bail bonds fast emerge as God-sent. Having the option of getting out of the jail system while your case is on-going is quite advantageous as it allows you to continue somewhat living your life.

However, more often than not, people have found themselves unable to come up with the money to use as collateral. In such scenarios, people fail to secure their freedom as the case is on-going. Ideally, this should not be the case as there are other options to the traditional monetary collateral. Herein, we look at some of the ways to get bail if one does not have the traditional insurance in the traditional sense.

Use Of Vehicles – Many people know that they can use their houses as collateral, where they sign the deed to a particular property as the collateral. Similarly, you can use your vehicle as collateral to secure your bond. If you are cash-strapped and in need of bail bond you can opt to sign your car to the bail agency, thus use it as an alternative to cash.

Use Of Valuable As A Collateral Alternative – Another option to cash collateral that you can use are valuable. Many bail bonds agencies will accept valuables to be used as collateral. In this regard, pawn-able items such as gold, diamond, rings, and other jewelry are the best things to use.

The attractive aspect of using these items as collateral is that the impact of losing them is significantly lower as compared to losing your house or car. Aside from the sentimental value that some of the items may hold, losing them is not quite as bad as it is missing other things of value. However, such collateral is best used when the bail is small amounts.

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